Q: What do I gain from joining YOH Support Group?
A: During the run of the support group, the different sessions will have different topics each touching of different topics related fo LGBT youth's life. Provocative questions will be brought forward, and you guys will be invited to share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences to everyone.

Q: Are there a lot of people joining YOH Support Group how many people can join?
A: YOH as a youth group has a substantial amount of member volunteers working of various projects. For the support group, we have spaces for approximately 16 people to join for each run. If you cannot get into the current run, you can always apply back for the next run, or the upcoming open support group.

Q: Is YOH widely publicized? I don't want to appear in the news or be recognized by people I know.
A: YOH is currently operating Singapore's most established LGBT youth support group, and is well recognized by the community. We conduct advertising campaigns aimed at LGBT youths on various well known LGBT channels. We treat your confidentiality seriously and we do not use our member's likeness and personal information without their consent. We also have rules within the support group to help make the environment safe and ensure confidentiality.