Thursday, May 13, 2010

YOH Head Butt! - PinkDot 2010 Edition

13 May 2010

Hey Everyone, 
So we over did it a little - with our YOH blog in a shade of pink to coincide with this big community event that is happening in less than two days! But we can all use a little pink in our lives. In case you've been living under a rock for the past whole month, everyone in the community is gearing for the one big event this saturday, but before we all get carried away with PinkDot this year, HEADBUTT wants to inform you about the rest of the other community events that might have swept underneath your radar amidst all this pink fairy dust flying all over...

What's UP?

Many Single Men (MSM)

Many Single Men, is a TWO Days workshop that provides a safe space for single individuals to explore and discover more of themselves; relationships; elements of dating as well as negotiated safety.

Details are as follows: 
Date - 29 May 2010 and 5 Jun 2010 (Both Saturdays)
Time - 2pm to 5pm
Fee - $25.00 per pax (for both days)
Age - 18 years old and above

For more information and registration form, please visit -

Singapore AIDS Candlelight Memorial 2010

The memorial is a reminder to all Singaporeans that HIV/AIDS is still a scourge that we need to be aware of and to find ways of dealing with the stigma, discrimination and other issues such as unemployment and financial difficulties. The Memorial is also a community call to action to always keep in mind those living with HIV/AIDS and to find ways to make their lives better and meaningful.

Details are as follows:
Date - 16 May 2010, Sunday
Time - 7pm to 9pm
Venue - 
Telok Ayer Hong Lim Green Community Centre Open Stage @ Hong Lim Park - 20 Upper Pickering Street, 058284

For more information, please visit:

Conversations Between Father & Son

If you have been following local community news lately, you'll know that a section of our community have been met with constant prejudice and bombardment of discrimination, especially in the clubs. In response the transgender women have formed up a community group called 'Sisters in Solidarity'. And if you do believe that that all humans should be treated equally, Sisters in Solidarity needs your help and sign a petition. In addition, one of the main founders of Sisters in Solidarity, Marla Bendini is having multimedia installation performance with paintings, paying tribute to the artist's father. 

Details are as follows:
Date - May 13th, 2010, Thursday. Exhibition ends on May 22nd 2010
Time - 6.30pm til late, performance by Marla Bendini 7.30pm
Venue - 
The Substation Gallery, 45 Armenian Street, Singapore 179936

For more information, please visit:

PinkDot 2010

10 tips to help you 'enjoy' PinkDot 2010 
Some of you maybe first timers to the event, and some of you are super excited about it from the loads of fun you've had at last year's event. Nonetheless YOH have put together a list of 10 tips for you to enjoy PinkDot 2010 to the max!
  1. Dress code is PINK: So come in a pink tee, tank top, cap, shirt, overalls, underwear, shoes or in any of those combi. We know pink may not be the IN colour of the season now, but take a good hunt around the tee shirt shops around Bugis Junction, there are definite steals to be found. 
  2. You'll look good in pink: Oh you may think you look dumb and stupid (or too gay) in a pink top, the feeling quickly dissipates when you realise you're not the only one wearing it on the actual event.
  3. Leave your barang barang at home: we mean leave your big barang barang of your tote & messenger bags and stuff in the car or at home. Go to the event light and you'll find that there's more freedom in mingling with the crowds and getting in the photos with your friends without the weight of your bag weighing you down.
  4. Bring your essentials with you: this list is not mandatory for everyone: Water bottles, tissues to wipe your sweat (or in some cases, your facial blotting paper), your pink umbrella (in case the weather turns foul), your digital camera / camcorder (believe us, you'll wanna be taking photos and videos), sunglasses (it's an outdoor event, caps / hats (if you need the extra patch to cover a bald spot)
  5. Ask your LGBT friendly mates along for this: It's not a GAY only event, it's an event for everyone, and we're sure if you're mates are with you, PinkDot will be a momentous and significant event that you'll look back with GLEE! And with the focus on FAMILY this year, bring your supportive family members down for this event!
  6. In case you do 'lose' your friends during the event, feel free to make friends with people around you! (Have your cell phone around too..)
  7. Be prepared to go slightly crazy. It's a fun filled almost carnival like event, leading up to the moment where the PinkDot is formed.
  8. Prepare a PinkDot picnic basket if you and your friends are thinking of settling down on a spot, underneath the trees and just having a picnic. There is the Hong Lim Temporary Hawker Centre near by should you feel thirsty or hungry prior to the event.
  9. Nearest MRT Stations to get to Hong Lim Park are Clarke Quay MRT or Chinatown MRT. There are directional signs from both MRT stations to lead you to Hong Lim Park. 
Here are the details should you need it - 

DATE - 15th MAY 2010, Saturday
TIME - 5pm
VENUE - Hong Lim Park
For more information, please visit:

YOH is proud to be promoting PinkDot 2010

We'll See You There!

Till the next HEADBUTT,
Take Care, 


YOH Head Butt! - Ugly Betty Edition

12 May 2010

Hey Everyone, 

Firstly a huge big sorry for the long hiatus that HEADBUTT took (were we gone for over a month?). Things in YOH have gotten a little way busy over our heads with YOH4 currently underway. We're now back, gonna keep you all updated with the latest happenings and to stir up some discussion about relevant queer youth topics. 

In keeping to the one of the big topics that was handled just last week during the YOH4session - One Foot In, Both Feet Out, this edition of HEADBUTT takes a look back at one of the most beloved TV drama comedy amongst the YOH team. No, we've done our fair deal about the ever popular GLEE (we are very proud to say that we started the trend in one of the earliest HEADBUTT editions). It's UGLY BETTY

We know that the show has since been canned and not returning, though we are keeping our finger crossed for a MOVIE to be made. However if you have been following UGLY BETTY in its last season, you know that Betty's favourite nephew, Justin Suarez, came of age, kissed a boy, danced with him and came out to his family members - all within the last four episodes of the series. Ok, so it didn't generate as big a deal as when Kurt Hummel came out to his dad in GLEE, but after watching the series for over three seasons, Justin Suarez, as a character, became a hero pretty much in all our hearts. So this HEADBUTTedition, we want to take the time and salute - Justin Suarez!

Justin crawled into our hearts by having the utmost love for his family and especially his mom, Hilda, and at the same time being fashionably forward and never giving up on his dreams to be an actor. Yeap, fighting bullies in school, facing pressure to be the 'macho guy' and hiding one's true sexuality are probably issues that some of us go through - but to see him grow up as a character, overcome his fears of rejection and being true to himself really made Season Four of UGLY BETTY worth watching. 

Of course we can't keep our eyes tears free when he reached out his hands and asked his date, Austin, for a dance at his own mom's wedding - thus silently coming out to his family members. We're not advocating you to do the same, but perhaps there are lessons to be learnt from this boy - but instead of us telling you what it is - it is up for discussion. And we wouldn't go anywhere without showing you the moments that really moved us. (bring out the tissues...)

Justin / Austin (Part One) - "If you kiss someone with feelings, they know it and you know it. It's like everything else goes grey and you're the only two people left in the whole world" - 

Justin / Austin (Part Two) - "You are who you are & the sooner you're okay with that...the happier you're gonna be" - 

Justin / Austin (Part Three) - "Shoes are for fashion, not function..." -

MUST WATCH - Justin / Austin (Part Four) - "If you don't want anyone to know, they don't have to don't have to say a word until you're ready." -

MUST WATCH - Justin / Austin (Part Five) - "When the time is right, you'll just know..." -

Justin / Austin (Final Part) - 

If you are still reading this (and not sniffing away to Renee Olstead's A Love That Will Last), we would like to hear your comments and views about you've just watched in right here...

Till the next HEADBUTT
Take care, 


Wednesday, March 31, 2010


31st March 2010

Hey Everyone,
Before we get all buzzed up for the above mentioned event, we need to plug our YOH core programme for a while:

Step OUT with YOH!

We've gotten overwhelming response for the applications for the fourth run of YOH. (ok, maybe not overwhelming, but it was a certain leap from the number we've gotten from YOH3) If you are one of the very lucky ones that applied for YOH4, you should be hearing from us soon via email. Also, if you have been to one of the conversational interviews that we've started, and are impressed by the programme line up for YOH4, you have till the end of today to tell your friends all about it and ask them to join! More details at the end of this edition of HEADBUTT!

By the way, the magical number is over 50, if you are just wondering how many applicants.

Now onto the pinkie dottie event that is sure to set a few smiles on your face...

pinkdot 2010

It's that time of the year again where all good things come in the shade of PINK. 2,500 people turned up last year in varying shades of the pastel colour to express their thoughts towards the freedom to love. I'm sure most of you still have the pink tees that are probably sitting at the back of the closet, time to air those things out, cos this year's pinkdot event is gonna get bigger. So what do you have to know?

DATE - 15th MAY 2010
TIME - 5pm
VENUE - Hong Lim Park
Wear - any pink top!
More details here:

But pinkdot can't get bigger without your help, and since this year's event falls on the International Day of Families, so it's only befitting that you call on your family members, close friends and buddies to come down for this event. And if you are part of the previous runs of YOH, we'll be organising a mini gathering to head down to the event as a group - so you'll never have to walk alone. Bring your cameras, your video cameras, your enthusiasm, (probably abit of sunscreen) and mark down your calendars cos we (YOH) will hope to see you at this year's pinkdot!

And if you need help inspiring your fellow friends to come down for this year's event - here's a blogpost that truly defied gravity (we could do more of such people around): excerpts from:

"....I’m sorry, but I don’t see anything wrong with loving my fellow human beings. My religion has also taught me to love people who different from me. Okay, while I accept that different denominations have different stance on this issue, we all share the same God, who taught us the same things.

While I don’t have to support GLBT’s actions and values, I respect their rights as a fellow human being. They are not any different from you and me...."

To end this pastel shaded edition of HEADBUTT!, we'll leave you with the beautiful songs from Jonsi (gay front man of the group Sigur Ros) - here's a first look at his new solo album titled 'Go'. Here's the full album streaming available here:

For More info about YOH:

till the next edition of HEADBUTT,

Take Care,


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

YOH Head Butt! - Inspire-Me Edition

16th March 2010
Hi Everyone, 
It's mid month and news around Singapore have been surrounding a certain famous director having his own Tiger Woods fiasco - which brought up the whole public / personal privacy issue by people. Is 'Public' the new default for this current generation? Well instead of boring you with such a argument here, we'll probably take this offline and hear your comments during the upcoming sessions of YOH4. Moving on...

If your mind has been stuck on some problems and can't seem to get your head around it  - this HEADBUTT is for you.Sometimes this little scribe here also can't seem to find a relevant topic to write about for each HEADBUTT. However that being said, INSPIRATION comes in mysterious ways.... Here are some ideas for you if you are stuck in a runt in your head and want to get out of it.

SIX ways to get your creative juices moving...
  • Take a 48 hour Computer Vacation - Yes that's right - it should possibly be the hardest thing to do since we're all so dependent on Internet to get things done. No Facebook, no L4D2, no Twitter, no checking of emails via your smartphones and Blackberries, no Google - just hang loose and go out and breath some non-radioactive air (well, no Wireless-Sg signal air). 
  • Try Meditation - Listening to your inner thoughts and sounds and voices might be a good way to drown out all the external noise that is blocking your creative soul. and Meditation doesn't mean taking a nap or counting 'Z' monsters....
  • Change the Scenery - This is not just about lifting yourself out from a physical zone that is causing a blockage in your creative mind, it's also about rearranging your current workspace. Less clutter in your physical space also means less clutter in your head. If not, you can always get up, spend ten minutes dusting bookshelves, reading your favourite tabloid magazine or just make silly faces in front of the mirror (tried and tested). 
  • Stop looking at the clock - Yes, there are deadlines to be met. and that ticking of the clock doesn't seem to be slowing things down for you - but it's making your heart beat faster and sweat coming out from your palms. Cover them up and focus on just getting the work done and ignore those deadline constraints abit. 
  • Press the 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button - Yeap ever wondered what Lord Google will bring up to your screen? Instead of going through lists and lists of your search results, pressing the often ignored button may yield surprising results and also may lead your to more hidden treasure that you may not have expected.  
  • just for added inspiration - look towards the pure young innocence of kids (this is not exactly a tip, but this bunch of 5th Graders in New York just recently inspired this writer) - Choral group PS22 - performing Alicia Keys' 'Empire State of Mind'.  Check out other videos from the group in their Youtube page and be surprised...
What's UP?


HIV: A Volunteer's Journey
Pelangi Pride Centre presents a talk by Gwo Yinn, sharing about his experiences that he has gone through as a volunteer who's worked with HIV positive people. More details are as follows:

Date - 27 March 2010, Saturday
Time - 4pm

Venue - Pelangi Pride Centre
Admission - $6 (includes two drinks and finger food)
Register - with Full name, Contact number and names of guests (if any)

pinkdot fundraising tea party
Pink Dot will be having its fundraising tea party on the last week of March. If you are feeling generous and wanting to make this year's pink dot bigger than last year's - do go down for it. More details are below:

Date - 28 March 2010, Sunday
Time - 330pm to 630pm
Venue - HOUSE / Barracks Cafe at Dempsey (8D Dempsey Road)
Attire - PINK
Admission - $50 (includes drinks and finger food)


Step OUT with YOH!
We can't make leave this HEADBUTT without plugging our own programme. YOH4 is slated to start end of April and we're now accepting registrations to join YOH4! If you know of a queer youth between the age of 16 to 21, do encourage them to hop on over to our blogsite for more info about YOH4 and if they want to sign up, go to Registrations close on 31st March 2010

For More info about YOH:
Twitter: young_out_here

To join YOH4:

till the next edition of HEADBUTT
Take Care,


Friday, March 5, 2010

Step OUT with YOH!

There are only a limited number of spaces (15) in each run of YOH, so apply here today!

Closing date for registration: March 31st 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

YOH Head Butt! - L-O-V-E Edition

03 March 2010

Hey Everyone, 
we hope every one is recovering from the pigging out that was the Lunar New Year's and Valentine's Day. Here at YOH, we certainly had our loads of festive fun with the traditional Lo-Hei and a fun evening out at Games Haven. Thanks to all that turned up for it. 

So why is HEAD BUTT having its L-O-V-E edition after Valentine's Day? Well there couldn't be a better time isn't it? To give you an indication, just take a look around at the newspapers (or online news) - with the double tragedies at Chile and Haiti, and all the humanitarian aid that is needed from international agencies to get the affected areas back on their feet, it does put our lives here in safe Singapore into perspective - be it our relationships with our parents, with friends or with the community. Of course being appreciative of what we have is just one part of the equation, doing what we can to help to make our lives a better one is the other. No we don't have to start singing 'We Are the World', but just take some time off your busy busy schedule - BREATHE, and make a genuine effort in making someone else smile (*cues 'Smile by' Glee Cast*)

5 Simple Ways to Show that U Care:
  • Have a Break, Share a Kit Kat (okay, we know that's not the tagline, but go with us on this) - Buying a favourite snack and sharing it with your loved ones maybe a small gesture, but we all know that sometimes 'Action Speaks Louder than Words'. So drop your phone, drop your laptop (not literally) and instead of sending a 'How are You' text, share how much you are appreciative of that person or people (or even your pet) buy sharing a snack!
  • Pick up your phone and call - remember what our phones were originally invented for before smart phones and IM-ing (or Grindr) came along? If you are too busy to do the first tip, don't send an IM message, don't even send an email and certainly don't send a Facebook / Twitter direct msg or anything that has to go through a third party social network. Dial the number and ask 'How are things going?'. You may be surprised at the answers you may get, and you'll never know what is hidden behind all the 'I'm fine' answer we get all the time.
  • Sharing is Caring - the last tip brings us to THIS tip: Sometimes when all we have enough is to breath for ourselves, we tend to forget everybody else. Even the customary 'We'll catch up' line becomes overused and we never do it in the end. When was the last time you poured out your inner insecurities over coffee to your loved ones? We've become masters in building up walls through our fervent use of  technology that we assume that our 'status updates' show everything we need to know about a person. WRONG! If you feel that sometimes the going gets too tough for you (before you are pulling your pubic hair out), start reaching out to a trustworthy friend and lean on them for a while...(*cues 'Lean On Me' by Glee Cast*)
  • Undivided Attention - The last tip wouldn't be effective without this following one - Yeap, no incoming Tweets, or Status updates, or trailing eyes on the cutest and hottest babe/hunk that just walked past. Just take some time out and LISTEN. Even if you are in the midst of a busy meeting, or your project mates threatened to delete off your hard work in your hard drive, remember to take a pause and say that you'll call back & make sure you do remember to do so.
  • HUG - we think this last tip needs further no explanation at all. Just believe in the power of the HUG, and soon you'll be the one feeling all better (whether you are the one giving it or the one receiving it).
What's UP?
After all that helpful tips, and in line with our theme: here's what's coming your way in the community:

The Love Potion: For Lasting Same Sex Romantic Relationships

Oogachaga presents a workshop for all you seeking to maintain a healthy relationship. Details are as follows:
Date - 13 March 2010, Saturday
Time - 2pm to 5pm
Venue - 15 Philip Street, #03-00, Tan Ean Kiam Building.
Admission - FOC (please register at to get your best seat!) 

For more info - please head to this link -

pinkdot 2010

Remember the big fun under the sun we had last year during this event, pinkdot this year promises to be even bigger! This year, pinkdot honours the scared bonds of family kinship. So mark down your calendars & and bring your loved ones down for a pink ole' time. Details are as follows:
Date - 15 May 2010, Saturday

For more info - please head to this link -

lastly, YOH4 is coming up and we want YOU (if you meet the age requirements that is) to be joining in. More details will be given in the following three days. In the meantime, if you do know people that would interested to join YOH4, point them towards this link to sign up -

Until the next edition of HEADBUTT!
Take Care, 


Sunday, February 28, 2010


Do YOU want to
o   Gain more confidence?
o   Find out more about yourself?
o   Make more friends in a safe, inclusive environment?
o   Voice your opinions about issues that concern you?
o   Learn more about the LGBT community?

If you say ‘YES’ to any of the above questions, and you’re between the ages of 16 to 21, feel free to join Young OUT Here (YOH)!

YOH is a social support group, run by queer youths, for queer youths. We reach out to teens like YOU, who want to come together to not only learn from each other, but also to share experiences and build your social and support networks. We provide you with all that – for FREE!

The 13 Sessions cover a range of topics from coming out, family, school, friends, community, and relationships and of course… sex!

Started back in 2006, YOH is about to embark on to its fourth run (YOH4) and we are inviting you to join. Just email us your name, and your basic particulars (including cell phone number, age and interests) we’ll contact you from there!

What are you waiting for? 
There are only a limited number of spaces (15) in each run of YOH, so apply here today!

Closing date for registration: March 31st 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

YOH Head Butt! - Indie Edition (Extended Cut) - 11 Feb 2010

the extended cut.... 

11th Feb 2010

Another week and another edition of YOH's Headbutt! Yeah we're a week behind but get ready for quite an explosive (and longer) edition of HEADBUTT! 

Sometimes when we're all sick and tired of reading the same iPad news on tech blogs, or just plain irritated by hearing another single or remix from Beyonce or Lady Gaga (or noisy CNY music all around), watching another screening of Avatar 3D, it's nice to take a breather and take the road less travelled sometimes. Thus we subtitled this HEADBUTT! the Indie Edition. 

Most music acts and movies (except probably from the big major blockbuster studios) had its humble beginnings as small basement projects, crafting pieces that few people appreciate but gained a following. A good example is a little known ditty that spent two weeks at the top of the Billboard Top 100 charts last year - Fireflies by Owl City. Adam Young worked on his music in his parent's basement and his song grew in popularity virally online and soon he got signed on to Universal Music. and next thing you know, we can't get that song out of our heads for a period of time. So this edition is pay tribute to such brilliant artisans that pave the way forward for many of what we consider 'popular' art!



Firstly, congratulations need to be handed out. In our last issue of HEADBUTT! We've mentioned that the short films that were eligible for this year's Singapore Short Film Awards were being screened at the Substation. We're very happy to announce one of YOH's guest speakers - Loo Zihan won 'Best Script' for his short film 'Threshold'. 'Threshold' was also nominated 3 out of the 10 categories, namely 'Best Script', 'Best Soundtrack' and 'Best Cinematography'! You can view the trailer for 'Threshold' here

Other LGBT short film makers also took home awards. Sun Koh took home the award for 'Best Director' and 'Best Fiction' award for her short film 'Dirty Bitch'. Tan Wei Keong won 'Best Animation' for 'Hush Baby'. and Royston Tan recieved an honorary award for outstanding contribution to the local film community through his short films. Congrats to all winners!

Probably in the next coming few days, you'll be either rushing around, doing last minute shopping for CNY, or making huge plans for an upcoming V'Day hot which case there are a few things happening around town that you might want to check out. 


Action for AIDS (AfA) is organizing an event on 12th Feb (yes it's tmr) night in PLAY club. It's for BOTH couples and singles - it promises to be an event that celebrates everything in a relationship. More details are as follows here:
  • Date - 12 Feb 2010, Friday
  • Time - 1130pm
  • Price - $10 cover charge
  • Venue - PLAY Club: 21 Tanjong Pagar Road

If you are looking for a quiet place to celebrate that all important day of St Valentine's with your loved ones, our friendly neighbours at 'The Garden Slug' have prepared a GLBT-only Valentine's Day dinner on 15th Feb 2010. Please call to make your reservations. More details are as followshere
  • Date - 15 Feb 2010, Monday
  • Time - starting from 6pm
  • Price - $55 per head or $60 per head
  • Venue - The Garden Slug: 55 Lorong L Telok Kurau #01-59/61

If you do recall during one of the stop's of YOH's own 'Rainbow' tour last year, we stopped by Utterly Art and found out that alot of LGBT artists held their first exhibitions there. Well we've just been informed by our dear Dr Pwee Keng Hock that there's a new exhibition from Singapore artist Wong Shih Yaw happening there. More details are as follows here
  • Date - 18 to 28 Feb 2010
  • Time - Utterly Art's opening hours
  • Venue - Utterly Art: 229A South Bridge Road (2nd Level)

If you have been following Oscar news and buzz, this debut film from gay fashionista director would not be a stranger to you. Adapted from Christopher Isherwood's novel, 'A Single Man' is one of the most critically acclaimed film of this year. Be the first in Singapore to watch this film and at the same time help raise fund for the Fridae Community Fund. It will go into community led projects such as Indignation and Pink Dot - the Freedom to Love campaign. More details are as follows here
  • Date - 3 Mar 2010
  • Time - 9pm (Reception starts at 8pm) 
  • Venue - The Cathay @ Handy Road
  • Price - US $30 for VIP (with reception), US $10 for standard tickets. Get your tickets viaFridae Shop
Indie Shuffle!
Inspired by the recent spate of amazing music acts that have landed in Singapore (or are scheduled to appear), HEADBUTT! would like to highlight some of them have been playing in our playlist and be ready to be bedazzled by them! The tracks listed below are of course not exhaustive of the great library of songs produced by these acts. What's more, go googlearound for their remixes and alternatives mixes of their songs - they are bound to bring up some surprises!

Florence + the Machine
She was just here in Singapore over the weekend and performed to a packed audience, Florence + the Machine rose to fame across quite a few music media in 2009. Her sound is generally described as soul-inspired indie rock and the band's debut album 'Lungs' rose to the number one spot in the top 40 UK charts earlier in Jan. Here are just a few tracks from their debut album to wet your appetite.  
This French alternative rock band recently won in the Grammys for 'Best Alternative Music Album' and rightfully so! Here in YOH, we do agree that their latest album 'Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix' was one of the best sounding albums of 2009. A few of their tracks were used in trailers for various movies and used in top prime time shows such as CSI. Although their sound is more of alternative rock, but they have smartly blend in synth pop into their songs, making the entire album a real joy to listen to. 
Passion Pit
Bringing back the sexy back on electro pop, Passion Pit's debut album 'Manners' was lauded as one of the best debut albums of last year. So far so that John Mayer recommended one of its tracks 'The Reeling' and 'Moth's Wings' in his Battle Studies blog! With a wicked mix of loose beats, fruity melodies and 'lil boy' vocals, 'Manners' is one album that will have you listening to it to lift any spirits up! (Lady Gaga took notice of Passion Pit and asked them to remix her upcoming single 'Telephone')
and to end off this really long extended HEADBUTT!, and in the same vein as Passion Pit's 'The Reeling', we found this two tracks to be absolute ear porn! 
On behalf of all in YOH, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and a Blissful Valentine's Day holiday ahead!

HEADBUTT would be taking a short break next week to recover from the overdose of bak kwa and chocolates...

Take Care, 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

YOH Head Butt! - What's UP Edition

"I like my beers cold and my homosexuals flaming." ~ Homer Simpson

YOH HEAD BUTT! What's UP Edition!
26th Jan 2010

Hey Everyone, 
Might be surprised to see another issue of HEADBUTT that soon and that fast within the space of a week, but hey, there are things out there happening and we at YOH want to inform you (in the sudden case that it becomes forgotten news and the happenings ain't that hot anymore)!

Quite a bit of emails came in and also curious Facebook status updates on our last HEADBUTT GLEE edition, thus we're gonna showcase more of such LGBT Friendly entertainment news bites in the upcoming YOH Blog entries, Twitter updates and HEADBUTTs!

What's UP!
Understanding Addiction 

The final report of 2009 Men who have sex with Men (MSM) Sex Survey conducted by indicated that 13.4% of the respondents in Singapore consumed recreational drugs (e.g.Viagra, ecstasy, poppers, methamphetamines) for sex. Yet, the communities have very little understanding on drug use, its effect and the danger of developing drug addiction. The survey also reported that MSMs on drugs are more likely to engage in unsafe sex (51% on drugs versus 29.6% no drugs). 

At the same time, oversea studies show that the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) individuals who are struggling to cope with their sexual identities, are at a higher risk of developing addictive behaviours such as drug, alcohol and sex addiction.
Oogachaga presents this first ever community talk about drug, alcohol and sex addiction. OC aims to provide a basic understanding of the various addictions in this public forum. More details can be found here

Details - Date - 30 January 2010

Time - 4 to 7pm
Venue - Jade 1 Room, ParkRoyal at Kitchener Road
Direction - Parkroyal at Kitchener Road is located near Farrer Park NE8 MRT Station. Please use Exit G or H.
Admission - Free
Please register at for the event as seats are limited 


Coming Home: Discussions from Abroad
Pelangi Pride Centre (PPC) presents a discussion of experiences. who have gone abroad and come back to Singapore. Unscripted and unrehearsed, come listen and share in the experiences of gay Singaporeans who have seen the other side of the fence and have decided to come home. What are their feelings about coming home? More details can be found here

  • Where is home? Is it tied to a physical location?
  • What is home? How do you define it?
  • Why do you call Singapore home?
  • Can you be an openly gay person in Singapore? 

Date - 6th Feb, Saturday
Time - 4pm to 6pm
Venue - 41A Neil Road
Cost per person: $6 (cost of 2 drinks and finger food)
RSVP - This event is by invitation only.
As there are limited seats, prior registration is required.
For an invite -please email with your name (in full), contact number, the name/s of your guests.


Singapore Short Film Awards
Co-organised by Objectifs: Centre for Photography and Filmmaking
Supported by apbc Offices and Infinite Frameworks
25th – 31st January 2010
An entire week of short film screenings every night showcasing Singaporean short films produced in 2009!

At The Substation Theatre from January 25-31.
Admission is by donation (Any amount).
No advanced booking of tickets is necessary.

The Awards will be held on 31 January by invitation.
For the full screening schedule and details, click here. 


2010 Asia Internet MSM Sex Survey

No Names, No Faces, 

Only the Sordid Details.

If you are a man who has sex with other men, or a transgendered person, we invite you to participate in our community-driven survey. Participation is open to all those living in Asia.

It is completely anonymous - no names are recorded - and takes less than 10 minutes to finish. 
The results will give us critical information in understanding why HIV and other sexually transmitted infection rates are rising so quickly in our community, and help us design better programs for you.
From January 1 to 28 February 2010.
To participate - please click here
YOH Details:

Quite a fair bit of things are happening, so you can't exactly say that there's nothing to do in Sg. (oh yeah who's up for L4D2 killing spree soon?!)
Till the next edition of HEADBUTT
we're gonna leave you with a favourite MTV of our's (just simply beautiful) from the Icelandic group - Sigur Ros:

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