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YOH Head Butt! - L-O-V-E Edition

03 March 2010

Hey Everyone, 
we hope every one is recovering from the pigging out that was the Lunar New Year's and Valentine's Day. Here at YOH, we certainly had our loads of festive fun with the traditional Lo-Hei and a fun evening out at Games Haven. Thanks to all that turned up for it. 

So why is HEAD BUTT having its L-O-V-E edition after Valentine's Day? Well there couldn't be a better time isn't it? To give you an indication, just take a look around at the newspapers (or online news) - with the double tragedies at Chile and Haiti, and all the humanitarian aid that is needed from international agencies to get the affected areas back on their feet, it does put our lives here in safe Singapore into perspective - be it our relationships with our parents, with friends or with the community. Of course being appreciative of what we have is just one part of the equation, doing what we can to help to make our lives a better one is the other. No we don't have to start singing 'We Are the World', but just take some time off your busy busy schedule - BREATHE, and make a genuine effort in making someone else smile (*cues 'Smile by' Glee Cast*)

5 Simple Ways to Show that U Care:
  • Have a Break, Share a Kit Kat (okay, we know that's not the tagline, but go with us on this) - Buying a favourite snack and sharing it with your loved ones maybe a small gesture, but we all know that sometimes 'Action Speaks Louder than Words'. So drop your phone, drop your laptop (not literally) and instead of sending a 'How are You' text, share how much you are appreciative of that person or people (or even your pet) buy sharing a snack!
  • Pick up your phone and call - remember what our phones were originally invented for before smart phones and IM-ing (or Grindr) came along? If you are too busy to do the first tip, don't send an IM message, don't even send an email and certainly don't send a Facebook / Twitter direct msg or anything that has to go through a third party social network. Dial the number and ask 'How are things going?'. You may be surprised at the answers you may get, and you'll never know what is hidden behind all the 'I'm fine' answer we get all the time.
  • Sharing is Caring - the last tip brings us to THIS tip: Sometimes when all we have enough is to breath for ourselves, we tend to forget everybody else. Even the customary 'We'll catch up' line becomes overused and we never do it in the end. When was the last time you poured out your inner insecurities over coffee to your loved ones? We've become masters in building up walls through our fervent use of  technology that we assume that our 'status updates' show everything we need to know about a person. WRONG! If you feel that sometimes the going gets too tough for you (before you are pulling your pubic hair out), start reaching out to a trustworthy friend and lean on them for a while...(*cues 'Lean On Me' by Glee Cast*)
  • Undivided Attention - The last tip wouldn't be effective without this following one - Yeap, no incoming Tweets, or Status updates, or trailing eyes on the cutest and hottest babe/hunk that just walked past. Just take some time out and LISTEN. Even if you are in the midst of a busy meeting, or your project mates threatened to delete off your hard work in your hard drive, remember to take a pause and say that you'll call back & make sure you do remember to do so.
  • HUG - we think this last tip needs further no explanation at all. Just believe in the power of the HUG, and soon you'll be the one feeling all better (whether you are the one giving it or the one receiving it).
What's UP?
After all that helpful tips, and in line with our theme: here's what's coming your way in the community:

The Love Potion: For Lasting Same Sex Romantic Relationships

Oogachaga presents a workshop for all you seeking to maintain a healthy relationship. Details are as follows:
Date - 13 March 2010, Saturday
Time - 2pm to 5pm
Venue - 15 Philip Street, #03-00, Tan Ean Kiam Building.
Admission - FOC (please register at to get your best seat!) 

For more info - please head to this link -

pinkdot 2010

Remember the big fun under the sun we had last year during this event, pinkdot this year promises to be even bigger! This year, pinkdot honours the scared bonds of family kinship. So mark down your calendars & and bring your loved ones down for a pink ole' time. Details are as follows:
Date - 15 May 2010, Saturday

For more info - please head to this link -

lastly, YOH4 is coming up and we want YOU (if you meet the age requirements that is) to be joining in. More details will be given in the following three days. In the meantime, if you do know people that would interested to join YOH4, point them towards this link to sign up -

Until the next edition of HEADBUTT!
Take Care, 


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