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YOH Head Butt! - Inspire-Me Edition

16th March 2010
Hi Everyone, 
It's mid month and news around Singapore have been surrounding a certain famous director having his own Tiger Woods fiasco - which brought up the whole public / personal privacy issue by people. Is 'Public' the new default for this current generation? Well instead of boring you with such a argument here, we'll probably take this offline and hear your comments during the upcoming sessions of YOH4. Moving on...

If your mind has been stuck on some problems and can't seem to get your head around it  - this HEADBUTT is for you.Sometimes this little scribe here also can't seem to find a relevant topic to write about for each HEADBUTT. However that being said, INSPIRATION comes in mysterious ways.... Here are some ideas for you if you are stuck in a runt in your head and want to get out of it.

SIX ways to get your creative juices moving...
  • Take a 48 hour Computer Vacation - Yes that's right - it should possibly be the hardest thing to do since we're all so dependent on Internet to get things done. No Facebook, no L4D2, no Twitter, no checking of emails via your smartphones and Blackberries, no Google - just hang loose and go out and breath some non-radioactive air (well, no Wireless-Sg signal air). 
  • Try Meditation - Listening to your inner thoughts and sounds and voices might be a good way to drown out all the external noise that is blocking your creative soul. and Meditation doesn't mean taking a nap or counting 'Z' monsters....
  • Change the Scenery - This is not just about lifting yourself out from a physical zone that is causing a blockage in your creative mind, it's also about rearranging your current workspace. Less clutter in your physical space also means less clutter in your head. If not, you can always get up, spend ten minutes dusting bookshelves, reading your favourite tabloid magazine or just make silly faces in front of the mirror (tried and tested). 
  • Stop looking at the clock - Yes, there are deadlines to be met. and that ticking of the clock doesn't seem to be slowing things down for you - but it's making your heart beat faster and sweat coming out from your palms. Cover them up and focus on just getting the work done and ignore those deadline constraints abit. 
  • Press the 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button - Yeap ever wondered what Lord Google will bring up to your screen? Instead of going through lists and lists of your search results, pressing the often ignored button may yield surprising results and also may lead your to more hidden treasure that you may not have expected.  
  • just for added inspiration - look towards the pure young innocence of kids (this is not exactly a tip, but this bunch of 5th Graders in New York just recently inspired this writer) - Choral group PS22 - performing Alicia Keys' 'Empire State of Mind'.  Check out other videos from the group in their Youtube page and be surprised...
What's UP?


HIV: A Volunteer's Journey
Pelangi Pride Centre presents a talk by Gwo Yinn, sharing about his experiences that he has gone through as a volunteer who's worked with HIV positive people. More details are as follows:

Date - 27 March 2010, Saturday
Time - 4pm

Venue - Pelangi Pride Centre
Admission - $6 (includes two drinks and finger food)
Register - pelangipridecentre@yahoo.com with Full name, Contact number and names of guests (if any)

pinkdot fundraising tea party
Pink Dot will be having its fundraising tea party on the last week of March. If you are feeling generous and wanting to make this year's pink dot bigger than last year's - do go down for it. More details are below:

Date - 28 March 2010, Sunday
Time - 330pm to 630pm
Venue - HOUSE / Barracks Cafe at Dempsey (8D Dempsey Road)
Attire - PINK
Admission - $50 (includes drinks and finger food)


Step OUT with YOH!
We can't make leave this HEADBUTT without plugging our own programme. YOH4 is slated to start end of April and we're now accepting registrations to join YOH4! If you know of a queer youth between the age of 16 to 21, do encourage them to hop on over to our blogsite for more info about YOH4 and if they want to sign up, go to tinyurl.com/yoh4join. Registrations close on 31st March 2010

For More info about YOH:
Twitter: young_out_here

To join YOH4: tinyurl.com/yoh4join

till the next edition of HEADBUTT
Take Care,


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