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31st March 2010

Hey Everyone,
Before we get all buzzed up for the above mentioned event, we need to plug our YOH core programme for a while:

Step OUT with YOH!

We've gotten overwhelming response for the applications for the fourth run of YOH. (ok, maybe not overwhelming, but it was a certain leap from the number we've gotten from YOH3) If you are one of the very lucky ones that applied for YOH4, you should be hearing from us soon via email. Also, if you have been to one of the conversational interviews that we've started, and are impressed by the programme line up for YOH4, you have till the end of today to tell your friends all about it and ask them to join! More details at the end of this edition of HEADBUTT!

By the way, the magical number is over 50, if you are just wondering how many applicants.

Now onto the pinkie dottie event that is sure to set a few smiles on your face...

pinkdot 2010

It's that time of the year again where all good things come in the shade of PINK. 2,500 people turned up last year in varying shades of the pastel colour to express their thoughts towards the freedom to love. I'm sure most of you still have the pink tees that are probably sitting at the back of the closet, time to air those things out, cos this year's pinkdot event is gonna get bigger. So what do you have to know?

DATE - 15th MAY 2010
TIME - 5pm
VENUE - Hong Lim Park
Wear - any pink top!
More details here:

But pinkdot can't get bigger without your help, and since this year's event falls on the International Day of Families, so it's only befitting that you call on your family members, close friends and buddies to come down for this event. And if you are part of the previous runs of YOH, we'll be organising a mini gathering to head down to the event as a group - so you'll never have to walk alone. Bring your cameras, your video cameras, your enthusiasm, (probably abit of sunscreen) and mark down your calendars cos we (YOH) will hope to see you at this year's pinkdot!

And if you need help inspiring your fellow friends to come down for this year's event - here's a blogpost that truly defied gravity (we could do more of such people around): excerpts from:

"....I’m sorry, but I don’t see anything wrong with loving my fellow human beings. My religion has also taught me to love people who different from me. Okay, while I accept that different denominations have different stance on this issue, we all share the same God, who taught us the same things.

While I don’t have to support GLBT’s actions and values, I respect their rights as a fellow human being. They are not any different from you and me...."

To end this pastel shaded edition of HEADBUTT!, we'll leave you with the beautiful songs from Jonsi (gay front man of the group Sigur Ros) - here's a first look at his new solo album titled 'Go'. Here's the full album streaming available here:

For More info about YOH:

till the next edition of HEADBUTT,

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