YOH Support Group

Young Out Here's LGBTQ youth support group is a social support group, run by queer youths, for queer youths age 16 to 22.

The Support Group aims to provide a platform for LGBTQ youths to foster healthy identity building, secular and inclusive thinking, enthusiastic learning and moral responsibility through sharing sessions.

The Support Group sessions are held at various places through Singapore, and our locations are always kept private and confidential to ensure the safety and confidentiality of our participants.

YOH's Support Group happens about twice every year. Young Out Here 9 will start around mid May 2014, and will span for about five months.

  • We believe that every youth, regardless of sexuality, should be given his or her rightful chance to discover his or her identity in a non-threatening environment.
  • Youths should be provided with objective information pertaining to sexuality and self discovery.
  • Queer youths should be given equal opportunity to express themselves and build social and support networks with each other, without suffering hindrances and discrimination.

YOH's Support Group will have thirteen official sessions. These sessions cover a wide range of issues that queer youths face in their everyday life as well as their future such as coming out, relationships and sex. Participants can voice their opinions and find out what others think. Hopefully they will benefit from a wide range of views and build healthy social support networks throughout the run.