Sunday, December 6, 2009

Head Butt - World AIDS Day Edition

"If only learning about HIV is as simple as A-B-C" - World AIDS Day 2009

Dec 09 Edition

Hi Everyone, 
on this very commemorative day, YOH launches its first very Head Butt! monthly newsletter.Head Butt! just wants to keep everyone in sync with some of the community news out there and what's the latest going in for YOH, for YOH members past and present and supporters of YOH.

We've launched some publicity for YOH4, but more to be unrolled tonight as well. Look out for it on all channels from Facebook to twitter to the various community channels as well. Btw, if you haven't followed YOH on twitter and on facebook - what are you waiting for?

Facebook Group (for YOH members only) -

YOH4 is slated to start in Jan 2010. 

YOH turned THREE this year in 2009. 
Here's a look back at some of the several milestones for YOH and events that YOH was involved with:
  • - Aug 06: YOH (Young OUT Here) was formulated by the few of us
  • - Jan to Jul 07: YOH 1 started with 10 sessions, 9 members
  • - Aug 07: 1st batch of facilitators were trained
  • - Dec 07 to Jun 08: YOH 2 started, 12 sessions, 14 members
  • - Jul 08: 2nd batch of facilitators were trained
  • - Aug 08: YOH Publicity during Indignation 08
  • - Nov 08 to Apr 09: YOH 3 started, 13 sessions, 11 members
  • - Apr 09: Co Organised 'Labels & Love' public forum and workshop with Oogachaga
  • - May 09: YOH attended the first Pink Dot event at Hong Lim Park
  • - Jun 09: 3rd batch of facilitators were trained
  • - Aug 09: Co Organised 'OUTRace 09' with Oogachaga and
  • - upcoming more events and YOH4
World AIDS Day 2009
As you know it's World AIDS Day today. World AIDS Day is marked by the world on the 1st of December. It started back in 1987 to raise awareness of those whom have been affected, and or infected. To this date, a short 28 years after the first HIV infection was diagnosed, close to 40 million have been infected. Today, every single of those 40million infected, is not just a statistic, but also an individual struggle yearning to be told to the rest of the world. 

in conjunction with World AIDS Day, there's an art exhibition called 'Dipped in Red' held at the PLU Hangout Cafe. More details here -

and for more activities this World AIDS Day - hop on to

Don't just participate in the activities and the parties, take active action today. The fight against HIV/AIDS is far from over. Know your A-B-Cs of prevention of HIV/AIDS, do not discriminate and care for HIV positive people, know how to protect yourself and your loved ones =) As we always say - Do not hate, Relate...

Ending Lines
There are more things coming up for YOH. I'm not going to give too much away, but keep your mouse clicks and ears and eyes for more news unveiled along the Dec. YOH contributed a few articles in the biannual newsletter of AfA called the Act. If you want a copy, just ask it from me. Meanwhile, please keep safe and take care everyone. Tightest hugs. and Happy Holidays


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