Friday, January 22, 2010

YOH Head Butt! - Glee Edition

"By its very definition, Glee is about opening yourself up to JOY" - Pilot Episode of GLEE

YOH Head Butt! Jan 2010 Edition 
aka - the GLEE Edition.

Hi Everyone, 
As you probably know, one of the YOH's favourite show, GLEE, won last Monday for Best Television Series (Musical or Comedy) at the star studded Golden Globes awards. And counting the numerous awards that it had garnered, here's one that didn't make much of a news unless you've been following alternative news flashes - GLEE won big (Two major awards - Best TV Series and Best TV Performance for Jane Lynch) at the first ever Dorian Awards. The Dorian Awards were voted by the Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association, which is composed of film and television journalists and historians writing or commenting for media such as "The Advocate", "TV Guide" and "US Weekly". 

Add those wins to the other nominations from within the community - The 21st Annual GLAAD Media awards, it seems that the TV phenomenon about a bunch of mis-fits high school show choir is well on the way to becoming quite a staple of the awards season happening in Hollywood now. 

Though just 13 episodes in, it's got quite a huge following - over 1million 'fans' on facebook & over 2.5million iTunes downloads of its songs. and not to mention all the illegal streaming and downloads of the show over the net. What does a bunch of high school 'losers' (insert obvious 'L' sign over forehead) have that we adore so much that got us going back more and more?


GLEE-Ks and unafraid to show it!
The reason that we've often heard when asked the reason for loving GLEE so much - is that we can all relate to it. As youths, we were all 'losers' at some point in our life (and probably still feel the same now...), either in school or in life. There are several character archetypes in the show - the Divas, the Jock, the over bearing parents, the disabled kids, the over achievers and more. But what GLEE has done (almost very 'High School Musical' like), is making sure that the characters doesn't stick to their status quo. 

Struggling with issues such as popularity in school, sexual identities, the search for a bigger belonging, demands of parental expectations, unexpected pregnancies, teenage crushes and love - all these relevant and but yet poignant issues were showed every week and we can't help to feel for each of the characters that were going through something. 

Special shout out to Kurt, of course, by 'defying gravity, and coming out to his dad in the fourth episode and later, flunking the all important Diva-Off so that he could save the humiliation of his dad - it's such storylines and characters that keep it relevant to us and at the same time, bring hopes to thousands of us that are straddling between societal concerns and our individual 'shoulds/coulds/woulds'.


All that Song and Dance! and a whole lot of LAUGHS!
You must be tone deaf and probably blind, not to notice all the over the top and sometimes moving song and dance performances! Second reason why we love GLEE so much? it's all the songs and dance! Taking from a huge library of current tracks (Rihanna's Take a Bow, Jordin Sparks' No Air. Beyonce's Halo etc), evergreen favourites (Journey's Don't Stop Believin', REO Speedwagon's Can't Fight This Feelin' etc) & innovative mashups, GLEE made the all very dull and yes, 'right at the bottom rung of the ladder', show choir REALLY HIP and FUN! 

Here's a bit of good news for all of us that are eagerly awaiting the return of the season on April 13th - in the lineup of the performances:
  • Madonna (She will not be performing, but she has given rights to 10 songs of hers' to be used in one episode) - What It Feels Like For A Girl, Vogue (performed by Jane Lynch!), Boderline, Open Your Heart, 4 Minutes, Like A Virgin, Like a Prayer, Burning Up, Express Yourself & Crazy for You.  
  • Idina Menzel - Our favourite 'Wicked' star will be coming on as the role of coach of Vocal Adrenaline (the rival Glee club in the first episode that performed 'Rehab')
  • Olivia Newton John - (go google who she is if you have no idea) - She will be performing 'Physcial' with Jane Lynch! 
  • and oh yes, in light of all the various - not a performance but a storyline that IS happening - Kurt's getting a boyfriend! ('Bust Your Windows' Mercedes!)

REGIONALS and then NATIONALS - Here We Come!
Watching GLEE sometimes brings back memories of back in the days of when all of us were in school and struggling to balance school work and our very tiring CCAs - and for every CCA, there always is a competition of sorts (Singapore Youth Festival, NPCC awards...etc). Seeing New Directions, with its long road to (so far) the Sectionals was both enlightening, entertaining but at the same time, reflective. It's not easy!

So why do you like GLEE - Tell us your top favourite moments and songs from the show and we'll post it up on our YOH Blog and also in the next release of HEADBUTT!

Take care everyone!

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