Monday, June 20, 2011

PinkDot 2011 - Pretty in Pink!

We're still reeling from the incredible turn out at this year's PinkDot 2011 - Yes, an estimated 10,000 decked in their finest Pink, converged on the greens of Hong Lim Park and celebrated the Freedom to Love. 10,000...let YOH repeat that - 10,000! Hong Lim Park was bursting at the seams at all the edges. We were surprised at the turn out, and very touched that there were so many out there that wanted to show their support for the local LGBTQ community. 
YOH arrived on the park grounds, slightly later than the estimated time - sorry to those who came by earlier and couldn't find our stand... we had materials to be brought over, thus longer travelling time. Once the YOH pull up banner went up, our tables were set, our little pink ice cream bell rung - the YOH booth was ready for PinkDot 2011! 
The "I Am" project started with a bang - with more and more people coming by to pen down their creative statements on the black paper. We saw that you poured heart and soul into those statements, and that was reflected in the multi coloured creations that you put up! Some of you pulled along your friends, some brought their family members, some of you were from the various LGBTQ organisations surrounding the YOH booth - all in all - we like to thank every single one of you that visited our booth and took part in the 'I Am' Project. We stayed till 730pm at Hong Lim Park - being one of the last community groups, other than the PinkDot organisers, who were still there. And if there was more people coming to our booth, we would have gladly stayed on much longer!

Be sure to check out all the photos from the Project via YOH's FB Page
The "I Am" project is going places...which places? We'll tell you more in due time!
Noticed the pink uniform that YOH was wearing - yeap, it was our designed YOH/PinkDot tee shirts. Both were designed by our own YOH team, specially to commemorate this year's PinkDot! Both designs were exclusive to the YOH team, but since we've gotten many requests to make it available to the public - we're gonna start selling both YOH/PinkDot 2011 Tees soon. So watch out for it!

If you do have any comments / suggestions that you would like us to know, feel free to email us at Or if you want like to join our mailing list, join us as a volunteer in Team YOH, or join our Support Group - feel free to go to our respective pages, and sign up there! 

From Team YOH to you - thanks for making out experience at PinkDot 2011 so memorable and exciting! Three cheers for PinkDot 2011!

We'll leave you now with some snapshots from this year's PinkDot 2011 & the 'I Am' Project'. 
Be sure to check out the complete photo albums of YOH @ PinkDot 2011 and "I Am" (Project) @ PinkDot 2011 on our Facebook Page!

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