Thursday, June 16, 2011

PinkDot 2011 - What's YOH doing at PinkDot?

To celebrate the Freedom to Love at PinkDot's event, YOH will be having a booth in Hong Lim Park. YOH volunteers will be on hand to talk to you about us and what our programmes are. You can also sign up to be informed of the next YOH's Support Group or any other YOH event, or be part of the exciting group of YOH's volunteers.  

Furthermore, we'll be kicking start a photo op project, called "I Am". Here are the details: 

We are all made up of several varying different personalities and identities. And we sometimes neglect to celebrate these idiosyncrasies that make us unique.
YOH is going to provide that opportunity during this PinkDot 2011, with the launch of the “I Am” project.
Date: 18th June 2011, Saturday
Location: YOH Booth @ PinkDot 2011, Hong Lim Park, Singapore
Time: 415pm onwards

Simple?? Just come down to our YOH booth from 415pm. Pen down your "I Am" statement/thought/identity on a sign. We'll ask you whether you want your photo to be taken by our YOH photographers. We'll snap a photo of you with your sign. And post it up on our YOH's FB page after!

So start thinking about your "I Am" statements now! and we'll see you at the YOH booth @ PinkDot 2011!

"I am gay, gleek, nerd, and proud!". "I am a lover of mash potatoes, froyo and tech news!". "I am too good to be standing in front of you taking this photo!". 

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